May Day in North Korea

by Gabriel Mizrahi on June 24, 2013

May Day in North Korea is official my favorite holiday in the DPRK.

A panoply of faces, voices, laughter, joy — awesome. Humans being humans.

This guy was my favorite. Found him jiggling like he just don’t curr with his friends in Moranbong Park.

By far my favorite video EVER. I will never forget this. American man jumps into a group of locals dancing in Moranbong Park. Enough said.

This woman was channeling Harpo Marx or something. I thought for sure she was on something, but turns out she was just really happy.

The woman above had quite the audience. That’s me at the

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end with the selfie fail.

At the top of Moranbong Park there’s a sweeping view of the city. People were hanging out in the pagoda thing with their friends. Could have been anywhere.

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