North Korean Soldier Defects Across DMZ!

by jordan on October 6, 2012

More than 20,000 North Koreans have defected to the south over the past half-century, most through China and Southeast Asia.  Today, however, one man had a different (and seemingly more dramatic) idea.

After shooting his squad commander and another officer, an on-duty soldier defected across the most heavily fortified land border in the world, at Kaesong, North Korea, joining just a handful of others who’ve made the same daring move and lived to tell the story.

Using loudspeakers, the soldier notified US & S. Korean military on the other side of his intention to defect, and they in turn guided him to safety (aside from snipers, electric fences and other nasty surprises, there are an estimated 2 million landmines in the DMZ alone).

The unnamed soldier is now in protective custody, and likely spilling the beans about the fortifications at his former post as we speak.

As usual, not a peep from the North about the incident or any related casualties.


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