North Korea prepares for rocket launch

by Gabriel Mizrahi on April 11, 2012

Nothing says “happy birthday” to an undead dictator than a good old fashioned military display.

Fox News reports on North Korea’s planned rocket launch:

Defiant North Korea fueled up a rocket Wednesday in preparation for what appeared to be an imminent liftoff while the country’s young leader strengthened his power with a new title making him the nation’s top political official.

We at the North Korea blog actually got word about the launch before the team took off for Pyongyang yesterday. Rumor is that we might be part of the audience.

Continues Fox News:

Kim Jong Un’s formal ascension, nearly four months after the death of his father, comes during a week of events leading up to celebrations Sunday marking the 100th anniversary of the birth of his grandfather, late President Kim Il Sung.

Stay tuned for news on the launch.


Photo credit: Joseph A. Ferris

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