The Associated Press in Pyongyang

by Gabriel Mizrahi on January 17, 2012

The Associated Press has opened a full news bureau in Pyongyang.

From the KCNA:

[AP CEO] Thomas said the opening of the bureau would bring hundreds of millions of people around the world the cultural understanding and access to stories of political and economic development of the DPRK.

From the AP itself:

The bureau puts AP in a position to document the people, places and politics of North Korea across all media platforms at a critical moment in its history, with Kim’s death and the ascension of his young son as the country’s new leader, Curley said in remarks prepared for the opening.

“Beyond this door lies a path to vastly larger understanding and cultural enrichment for millions around the world,” Curley said. “Regardless of whether you were born in Pyongyang or Pennsylvania, you are aware of the bridge being created today.”

Check out the video below for the thrilling ceremony at the KCNA.

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